About Me

My name is Robert Valenca and I will be your photographer.  I began my passion for photography as an award winning military photojournalist.  In my 26 years working with imagery I have had the privilege to work in 23 different nations and had the honor of photographing several world leaders.  I have also been featured in numerous books, magazines, and news articles documenting everything from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to sporting events, and even Presidential Inaugurations.  Today all of those assignments are behind me and I have redirected my passion toward creating fun and dynamic images for families to enjoy.

My goal any time I am on a photo shoot is to try and create something unique while most importantly everyone has fun.  My sessions are predominantly outside because I love the versatility it brings.  I enjoy finding unique sites that can bring out the personality in an individual, couple, or family.  I enjoy keeping my imagery on the edgy and fun side, but of course I will always make sure and catch a few images grandma will love too.

Below is the breakdown of my standard workload.