One of the first things that will probably go through your mind as soon as your senior session is scheduled is, “Ok now what do I wear!”  Ok so well maybe that is primarily the ladies but guys you have to think about it too.  These are the images that you will have for the rest of your life to remember exactly who you were in high school.  The first tip I can give you is to be you.  Wow prophetic words I know.  What I mean is wear what you enjoy and defines you.  For years portraits have been about formal cloths and studio’s making you look like the perfect model.  Senior photography, much like you, has grown up a lot of the years.  No two people are the same, so why should everyone’s outfits be locked into the same style.  Be yourself.  With that said there are still a few general rules that are a good idea to follow when choosing cloths.


For Both:

  • Bring a few changes of cloths. This will give us a chance to have several different looks.  We may find some colors or outfits are a better fit for a location than others.  Only have one outfit to choose from can be very limiting.
  • It’s not an outfit but is equally important, bring props. If you are in the band bring your instrument.  If you play football or baseball bring some gear.  Whatever your hobby is bring it along and we will try and incorporate into the session.  Again these images are supposed to define you, what does that better than your activities or passions.
  • Bring outfits not just a lot of cloths. When you are putting everything together try and make sure they are outfits.  You may have a top that you really love but if you don’t have the pants or skirt that will complete an outfit we may not be able to work it into the session.
  • One fatal flaw is waking up the day of a photo session and saying, “hmm what should I wear”.  Take some time before the day of the session and figure out exactly what cloths and props you want to bring so you are ready and not scrabbling the day of, yes I am talking to you.
  • If you don’t know, ask. Not all of us are fashion icons.  If you aren’t sure what looks good on you ask someone, someone that will be honest.  Guys you can always ask mom, but if you don’t want to end up in that special sweater your grandmother gave you for Christmas you might be better off asking your girlfriend or a close female friend at school for a few outfit ideas too.  Don’t worry mom like I said bring a few outfits we will get him in that sweater.
  • Know the colors that work best for you. If you know white washes out your skin it’s probably not a good idea to bring white tops.  Try and bring a shirt/top that matches your eyes it can make them really pop in images.



  • As I mentioned earlier bring plenty of cloths. When you do though bring them grouped on hangers so your outfits are easy to find and change into.  You will want to change quickly.  The faster you change the more images we have a chance of capturing.
  • It’s really important you feel comfortable in your cloths. If you don’t I guarantee it will show in the images.  You may have a mini skirt you really like, but because of the moving you will need to do and the positions you may be in it may not be the best thing to wear in a photo shoot.
  • If you’re self-conscious about your arms, avoid sleeveless or cap-sleeve shirts and tank tops, as they tend to make arms look fuller.
  • Avoid stripes and plaid patters. Solid colors come out much better in images.  Try to bring plenty of colors too.
  • Mix up the outfits. Don’t go all formal or all casual.  This will allow us to have some different looks.
  • Don’t forget to consider your undergarments when setting your outfits. Neutral colors work best.  The camera sees all and it will certainly catch those hot pink underwear beneath a set of white pants.  Bra straps can be another distractor.  Try to wear ones that will stay covered if possible.
  • Keep your accessories simple. Big jewelry items tend to overpower images and distract people from the important stuff in the picture, you.



  • Once again more cloths means more flexibility. Bring a few outfits.
  • Have your cloths organized together not just thrown in a gym bag. This will allow for quicker transitions and more photo opportunities.
  • Stick with solid colors and avoid stripes and plaids.
  • Avoid t-shirts with big graphics, logos, or words on them. They look distracting in the image and take away from the most important thing, you.
  • Make sure you have shoes to match your cloths. It won’t help to have a nice set of dress pants and only have flip flops or tennis shoes with you, unless that’s the look you want.