B&W vs Color

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When you are selecting your image to print after a photo session one of the things you may find yourself trying to decide is having the photos printed in B&W or in color.  Of course one reason to do it is because you have a bad exposure or there was bad lighting and color contrast.  Let’s hope you don’t have that problem with your images or especially the photographer you ultimately chose for your portrait session.  One general rules in deciding which will work better for an image is determining what you want the image to convey.  In most cases in portraiture B&W images are used to convey emotion.  When you see an image in B&W it allows you to get the raw feeling of the image because simply all of the distractions of different colors are removed.  That is why not all images work well in B&W.  Take a look at your pictures and ask yourself is this a beautiful picture or do you want it provoke an emotional response.  That can go a long way to helping you decide if you would prefer to have it in B&W or stay with a beautiful color image.  Of course if you decide to sign with me my online system allows you to see the image in both color and B&W, which will help make the decision even easier.